Upgraded Quad Green + Blue Laser 400mW


Quad Green 50mW + Blue 150mW + Green 50mW + Blue 150mW

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Product Description

The Quad Green + Blue Lasers is one of the most prestige laser lights we have available. Though it carries quite the price tag it is unbeatable when it comes to the perfect hype club laser. Two of these can blow people away completely and have them leaving wanting to come back just to see the lasers again. When combining two blue and two green lasers together with crossovers, liquid sky and amazing blending effects there’s not much that can compete. It’s also part of our Triple Explosion Package which includes all the best of the Upgraded Quads.

Strength of Output: Green – 50mW+50mW@532nm DPSS Laser, Blue – 150mW+150mW@450nm DPSS Laser. Total = 400mW
Sound Active Mode, DMX Control, Auto, Master/Slave, 100+ Patterns. Double Green + Double Blue Output.
Sound Active Mode – Auto shut down with no music/sound. DMX + Master/Slave – Auto shut down without trigger signal.
Power Supply:
110V/220V, 50-60HZ.
Warranty: 1 Year Free

Always designed with the highest quality laser and equipment.

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