Ultimate Dual Green + Blue Laser 400mW


Dual Green 100mW + Blue 300mW Laser

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Product Description

The 400mW Upgraded Blue Green is the highest powered lasers amongst the duals and is crowned the king of the duals, it combines both an ultimate green laser with an ultimate blue. It is definitely meant for large laser shows as this laser can easily fill a room front to back. When combined, blue and green make one of the best laser shows possible. Because of the high strengths both the blue and green laser are at the same level in brightness and blend together perfectly. Though more on the expensive side it is one of the lasers that will really make a difference in any laser show or lighting set-up and because of its power it is capable of mixing with near anything. This is the best dual laser we have available and it will definitely not disappoint.

Strength of Output: Blue – 300mW@450nm DPSS Laser, Green – 100mW@532nm DPSS Laser. Total = 400mW
Sound Active Mode, DMX Control, Auto, Master/Slave, 100+ Patterns. Blue + Green Output.
Sound Active Mode – Auto shut down with no music/sound. DMX + Master/Slave – Auto shut down without trigger signal.
Power Supply:
110V/220V, 50-60HZ.
Warranty: 1 Year Free

Always designed with the highest quality laser and equipment.

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