Single Multicolored Red + Green + Blue 230mW

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Red + Green + Blue 230mW

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Product Description

The Single Multicolored Red + Green + Blue 230mW is the second of the multicolor laser units capable of performing the whole color spectrum. By taking the perfect amount of each color with a 470nm Blue this laser is capable of creating every color in a perfect shade even with a minimal amount of power. Don’t let the lower power fool you as this laser is one of the highest grade lasers available and will put on a one of a kind show at an unbeatable price. Whether it be blue, green, purple, red or any combination of them, this laser does extremely well as a centerpiece and if combining multiple units you can put on a complete professional show. As demonstrated in the video this laser looks amazing even when in a sound active or automatic mode.

Strength of Output: Red – 100mW@650nm DPSS Laser, Green – 30mW@532nm DPSS Laser, Blue – 100mW@470nm DPSS Laser. (230mW RGBBlended White) Total = 230mW
Control: Sound Active Mode, DMX Control, Auto, Master/Slave, 100+ Patterns. Red + Green + Blue Blend Perfectly to Create the Full Color Spectrum With Over 7 Colors to Display Unique Dynamic Multicolor Laser Shows.
Sound Active Mode – Auto shut down with no music/sound. DMX + Master/Slave – Auto shut down without trigger signal.
Power Supply:
110V/220V, 50-60HZ.
Warranty: 1 Year Free

Always designed with the highest quality laser and equipment.

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