Dual Red + Green Laser 150mW

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Dual Red 100mW + Green 50mW Laser

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Product Description

The 150mW Dual Red Green Laser is the definition of a classic. Red & green have always been the two most popular and known laser colors and look great in a pair. Whether combining two duals, two of each in a quad, or just two out of the same output, it never fails. With the Dual Red Green you get the whole package in a simple dual laser allowing a cost effective way of combining the two colors while leaving room to upgrade with multiple reds & greens for a full out show. Like all duals the red green can combine together through DMX and function in a sound & automatic mode.

Strength of Output: Red – 100mW@650nm DPSS Laser, Green – 50mW@532nm DPSS Laser. Total = 150mW
Sound Active Mode, DMX Control, Auto, Master/Slave, 100+ Patterns. Red + Green Output.
Sound Active Mode – Auto shut down with no music/sound. DMX + Master/Slave – Auto shut down without trigger signal.
Power Supply:
110V/220V, 50-60HZ.
Warranty: 1 Year Free

Always designed with the highest quality laser and equipment.

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